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Gospel Choir


Live rehearsals at back! They will be held in the church building on Monday evenings from 7-9pm.


Guidelines for St Michael’s Community Gospel choir sessions


If you are UNWELL in anyway, no matter how minor - fever, cough, diarrhoea, headache etc PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND rehearsal sessions.


The choir will be limited to 30 members per rehearsal. The director and band are not included in this 30.


On entering the church please wash your hands immediately for at least 20seconds with soap. Dry your hands thoroughly before touching any surfaces.


You will be asked to sign in at the beginning of the rehearsal with the director who will keep the information of who was present for 3 weeks for track and trace purposes.


Greet each other with non-hand methods.


Please wear a mask at all times (apart from when singing) and keep your physical distance.


You can wear a mask or a shield during singing if you prefer.


Once you are in the choir position (2m apart from each member), face away from each other but towards the choir director who will be at least 2-2.5m from you.


The Church door will remain open to allow for air flow.


We will have a break after 45mins and clear the room for 5mins to allow the room to be aired.


Exiting the church at the end of the session will be staggered and members are asked not to congregate on the pavement but to leave briskly.


It is every person’s responsibility to ensure their safety and that of the other members. So please bring your sanitiser, your wipes, your mask, etc etc.


In the event that you feel unwell after a choir rehearsal please contact the choir administrator as soon as possible.


All choir members must ensure the administrator has your contact details, to aid speedy communication.


Hands, Face, Space. Stay safe.

Christmas term 2020 (Current plan)

Monday 14 Sept - 14 Dec

No rehearsal 26 Oct – half term

Sunday 18 October 10am service then host an Open Workshop at 2pm as we mark Black History Month

10am Sunday 1 November All Saints and All Souls service to remember with thanks those we have loved who have died.

Choir social evening 7 December

Carol service 4pm Sunday 20 December

Contact Details:

Choir Director - Cecelia Wickham-Anderson cecelia@africanqueen.idps.co.uk

Office – 020 7924 3450