Gospel Choir



Click here  to hear the choir's version of "Dance with my father" learned, practiced, recorded and mixed entirely seperately in lockdown. 

Gospel Choir Rehersals are happening by Zoom. Please email cecelia@africanqueen.idps.co.uk for details

St Michael’s Community Gospel Choir exists to bring people of all ages together to learn to sing inspiring, uplifting gospel music, to give space for building friendships and to developing wellbeing. It aims to be accessible, fun and hospitable to all.

Gospel music is unashamedly Christian, but people of all faith and none are welcome. There is no charge for being part of this choir.

Rehearsals are held on Mondays from 7-9pm. Young people from age 11 are welcome and will need to register their details to help ensure proper safeguarding is in place.

Spring term 2020

Mondays 13 Jan - 23 March

No rehearsal 17 Feb – half term

Singing in Licensing Service 10am Sunday 8 March

Summer Term 2020

Monday 20 April – 29 June

No rehearsal 25 May – half term

Singing in Fathers’ Day service 10am Sunday 21 June

Summer Concert 3pm Sunday 5 July followed by tea

Christmas term 2020

Monday 14 Sept - 14 Dec

No rehearsal 26 Oct – half term

Sunday 18 October 10am service then host an Open Workshop at 2pm as we mark Black History Month

10am Sunday 1 November All Saints and All Souls service to remember with thanks those we have loved who have died.

Choir social evening 7 December

Carol service 4pm Sunday 20 December

Contact Details:

Choir Director - Cecelia Wickham-Anderson cecelia@africanqueen.idps.co.uk

Office – 020 7924 3450

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