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Congratulations! We are so thrilled that you are getting married!

If you are thinking about getting married at St Michael's Wandsworth Common please fill in this form https://forms.churchdesk.com/f/qmAVV3NkNS

If you need to have your banns published at St Michael's Wandsworth Common, as this is your parish church, then please fill in this form https://forms.churchdesk.com/f/2G4LGyZ6D-

Of course if you would like to talk it through, just call or pop into the church.

Our next Marriage Preparation Course will be on Saturday 28 March 2020. Please email tewins@smwc.online if you would like to know more or, to book your place, please fill in this form https://forms.churchdesk.com/f/3Cqawfnw_D