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A church for all who live, work learn and play in the neighbourhood.

Summer is a  favourite time of year here at St Michael's Wandsworth Common.

And this summer is going to be full of great stories to hear and to tell. 

On Sundays through the summer we will be remembering Jesus as the great story teller in our sermon series, The Parables of Jesus.

More stories will arise as we engage in a listening campaign along with partners in Wandsworth Citizens. We will be asking about the ups and downs of living, working, learning or playing in this neighbourhood. We will be listening for stories and for new leaders, so get invovled.

Finally, as church is about being together we have created a programme of fun events for all ages and all tastes that will get us out and enjoying London together. It is another way to hear each other's stories, understand one another better, and build friendship. All welcome and all welcome to bring friends! 

Our values:

Directed by Jesus

Attentive to need

Offering what we have

Enabling all age participation


Developing a culture of 'try'

Welcome to St Michael's Wandsworth Common! 

We are so glad you have found us online, and hope you will join us in person too. 




St Michael's is registered charity number 1185687