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Lent 2021

A Lent group where we will look back to help us go forward.

Lent is where it all began in 2020. The rising case numbers, the fear and then the lockdown. In the last year so much has been stripped away. But if we could all go back to how life used to be tomorrow, would we want to? Which bits have we most missed? Would we go back into the rush and the hurry? Would we continue any habits we have learned that have given us peace in this season? Would we want to treat our friendships, our health or the planet any differently?

I want to encourage you to use Lent this year, traditionally a time of prayer and reflection, to consider how we might want to go 'back' when that time comes. In five sessions, run over five weeks in Lent we will we go forward intentionally by looking back together. 

We will do the course on Zoom and you can join in either on a Monday at 9.30am or a Wednesday at 8pm. Each session will last an hour. We will meditate on a theme, using the ancient wisdom of scripture, we will have time to talk in small groups and at the end of each session we will have a chance to create our own personal resolution to hep us navigate the demands the future may make of us. The five weeks will focus on


the mind




If you would like to join in one of the courses, it would help me greatly to know that you are coming. You do not need to be part of this or any church to participate but it would help if you registered by filling in this form.