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Supply box list for Regenerate-RISE

Thank you for continuing to donate items for our supply boxes to older people. Please leave items from the list below in the south porch of the church from Monday - Friday. We get out to deliver boxes several times a week so fresh milk and eggs, and a newspaper are most welcome. 

Toilet rolls (2 per week)

Antibac surface wipes

Hand soap


English breakfast tea (Not Earl Grey or herbal)

Sugar (500g)

Instant coffee


Breakfast cereal (mainstream, nothing niche)

Cream Crackers

Jam, honey or marmalade

Heinz Soup

Tinned fruit

Tinned macaroni cheese, spaghetti or baked beans

Tinned fish

6 eggs

Cheese or cheese spread

Milk 1 pint


Spreadable butter or margarine

Apple juice or orange juice 1 litre

A puzzle book

A newspaper