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We are so happy that we have many schools and children in the neighbourhood!

  • We can create bespoke RE lessons in the church or by visiting your school.
  • We can provide assemblies. 
  • We love to welcome schools to the church when they perform concerts and plays at various times of the year.
  • You can helpwith pastoral support in your school.

If you are a teacher locally, do give us a ring to see how we may be able to support you in any way.  


Below: Lockdown YouTube assemblies

Primary Assembly WC 30.03.20

Primary Assembly Why is it hard to be alone?

What does the rainbow mean? 06.05.20 

Freedom for all assembly! 19.05.20 

Primary Assembly The Lord's my shepherd 02.06.20

Primary Assembly Facing the giant of racism through David and Goliath 09.06.20

Primary Assembly Preseverance 16.06.20

Primary Assembly 'I matter' 23.06.20

Primary Assmbly 'The trick is to forgive.' 30.06.20

Primary Assembly Saying sorry 08.07.20

Primary Assembly Celebration and moving on 15.07.20