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Worship, prayer and spirituality

We may not be able to meet together in large groups for now, but we can continues to pray and worship at all times and in all places. Here are some resources to help you.

The church building is open for private prayer from 1pm-3pm every Monday - Thursday until 3 December

A call to be a  radically different church from the church of England

Prayer resources from 24/7 Prayer

Daily prayer from the Church of England 

Prayer as you go also a brilliant app for phones

Spiritual Rhythms for quarantine from Justine Earley, author of The Common Rule

Ideas and resources for families, children and young people

www.illustratedministry.com/flattenthecurve - colouring pages available for free – they’re good for all ages, but particularly for older children, youth and adults – they’re more intricate and detailed with good messages/scriptures.

www.going4growth.com/growth_in_faith_and_worship/faith-in-the-home - worship liturgy and ideas for families at home.

www.bdeducation.org.uk/podcasts/bible-podlets/ - for adults and children, released every Friday – guided Bible study for home. Available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. There are also some printable sheets that go with each session available to download too.