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If you would like to volunteer for us,

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The following are guidelines to help you stay safe and to help the older people in our community stay safe:

  1. Do not give your phone number to the person you are distributing the Supply Box to – you can give the helpline telephone number at any time. 
  2. If you are well, you can give the older person the Supply Box, but please do not stay more than 5 mins and stay 2 meters away from the person
  3. Please tell the person your name and that you are helping Regenerate-RISE
  4. If you suspect that the person is not well, please ring the helpline and report it immediately
  5. If you are asked to do some shopping and are given cash, please remember to get a receipt and give the change with the receipt to the person
  6. If you are collecting a prescription, please tell the pharmacy that you are collecting the prescription for the person on behalf of Regenerate-RISE
  7. If you cannot get an answer when knocking on the door, please telephone the helpline
  8. Please do not accept any food or drink from the person you are dropping off the box to
  9. Please do not go back to the person’s home or agree to visit them
  10. 10 If you are unable to help when it has been pre-arranged, please telephone the helpline and let us know
  11. Thank you for making a difference to the lives of those who have become isolated through the Coronavirus outbreak

Regenerate-RISE really appreciates your help at this time, thank you.

Helpline:  Day time SW15  020 8780 9330 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 – 5 pm)

                                 SW11  020 7228 0245 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 – 5 pm)

 All other times:   07774 116972 (Thursday, evenings and weekends)

Mo Smith MBE, FRSA

Founder and Chair of Trustees

Co-ordinator of the “Supply Box” project