Lent 2020

During Lent we will be using The Common Rule by Justin W. Earley to explore our daily and weekly habits. We will try to apply this common rule to our lives as a community for this season.

We will meet in church and, to give everyone a chance to participate, we will meet on different days of the week through lent.  Come to as much or as little as you like but more is likely to be better!

Sunday 1 March 4pm Introduction

Monday 9 March 7.30pm daily habit 1, kneeling prayer and 2, meal with others

Tuesday 17 March 7.30pm daily habit 3, hour with phone off and 4,  and scripture before phone

Wednesday 25 March 7.30pm weekly habit 1, hour of conversation with a friend and 2, curating media to a 4 hour limit

Thursday 2 April 7.30pm weekly habit 3, 24hr fast and 4, sabbath

Thursday 9 April (Maundy Thursday) 7.30pm Epilogue on failure and beauty with Holy Communion

You can buy the book yourself or pick it up from the church. It is highly recommended that you have the book and read it as we progress together.

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