Small groups

Cafe Church - Every other Sunday at 4pm we meet as families to eat, talk, pray and look at the Bible together. We are trying to take seriously the Church's call to be a family by  loving, helping and supporting our children and young people, as well as those parenting in couples and alone. All are welcome. Call the office for details of the next Cafe Church Group.


Men's Walk and Talk - On the second Sunday of each month at about 11.30 after the service,  a small group of men (although women are actually equaly welcome!) walk from the church across the common to the pub. They get a drink and talk about faith, life, God, the news, sport - whatever comes up really.  


Women's Bible Study - Every Monday at 9.30-10.30 at the vicarage. We meet for coffee and to read and discuss the Bible together. No expereince or previous knowledge required. Babies also welcome!



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