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Welcome back to Sundays at SMWC!

Welcome back to Sundays at SMWC!
Published by Rev'd Tif Ewins on Thu, 3 Sep 2020 13:50
News and announcements

Attending services 

We hope very much to make being in the church building with others the norm again from 6 September 2020. However, we will stream the service live on Facebook to enable you to participate if you are unwell or isolating. Details will be on our website, www.smwc.online

 You do not need to book in advance for a service, but when you arrive at the church building, you will need to give your name and phone number to a helper. This will be kept for 3 weeks to enable track and trace. For more information see our privacy notice

 Our capacity is limited at each service so we can create a safe and socially distanced experience. The precise number will depend on how many family groups as opposed to singles or couples attend and so will change from week to week. We do not anticipate needing to turn people away from services, but please arrive early to be sure of a place and be understanding of our helpers if we are at capacity.

When you arrive, a helper will check you in, and usher you to your seat without you needing to touch any surfaces. Feel free to bring your own Bibles as the church-owned Bibles will not be out in the pews.  Service books will be on the seats when you arrive. At the end of the service, please place these in the red boxes at the doors to ensure they are not touched by other people.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes in advance of the service to help us get you seated in time. 


In line with government and Church of England guidelines there will be no congregational singing in the in-door services. We intend that our Gospel choir, soloists and instrumental music will enrich our worship in the weeks ahead.



Please bring your own hand sanitiser/anti-bacterial wipes, although we will have these things available as well. All surfaces that could be touched by anyone will be sanitised between services and the toilets will be available to use, but we do ask you only use them if you absolutely have to. 

Of course, if you’re ill, please don’t come to church. Instead, we ask that you let us know so we can confidentially track if there has been any risk of transmission.


Holy Communion 

Holy Communion will not include wine for the congregation. Wafers will be brought to the congregation by the clergy or helper while the congregation remain in their places.

Social distancing 

Seating will be arranged in accordance with the latest social distancing guidelines. Households and family units will be able to sit together as a bubble. 

Face coverings 

Following both government and Church of England guidelines you need to wear a face covering at all our services. Those leading the service, including reading and leading prayers, will not wear a face covering to ease communication. However, when serving Holy Communion the clergy and helpers will wear a face covering. We will have some disposable face coverings available if you forget to bring yours. 

 After the service

There will be no coffee or tea after the service, instead those who can will move out to the common. We encourage families with younger children to come to the common opposite the church at 10.45am for 15 mins of family news, fellowship, a chance to pray and worship together. We will trial this until half term begins.   

Thank you for taking the time to read this

There will be lots of great stuff to be involved in this term, More on that later as for now, let's focus on getting safely back together.

With my prayers,