Food, drivers & volunteers all wanted now

Published by Rev'd Tif Ewins on Tue, 17 Mar 2020 11:30

Dear Friends,

As of Wednesday 18 March at 5pm, our Day Centre will be shut but our staff team will continue to work to provide fresh sandwich lunches that can be delivered daily and supply boxes for meals and other home essentials. They will also phone our members morning and evening each day.

So many of you have offered to help in this time of crisis and now we need it, and we will go on needing it until at least June. We will need more volunteers than usual, as we will have to account for times of isolation and illness among our volunteer team.

We need people to bring items to the church for the supply boxes. We will need these items replenished weekly. Please see the list of items we nee below.

We need people to drive in their own cars the items to the Putney HQ where they can be boxed

We need people to box up items.

We need drivers in their own cars to deliver the supply boxes to people in their homes.

If you would like to bring supplies, please just bring them to the church Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 9am- 12noon. The list of items we need is as follows. 

Toilet rolls (2 per week)

Antibac surface wipes

Hand soap


English breakfast tea (Not Earl Grey or herbal)

Sugar (500g)

Instant coffee


Breakfast cereal (mainstream, nothing niche)

Cream Crackers

Jam, honey or marmalade

Heinz Soup

Tinned fruit

Tinned macaroni cheese, spaghetti or baked beans

Tinned fish

6 eggs

Cheese or cheese spread

Milk 1 pint


Spreadable butter or margarine

Apple juice or orange juice 1 litre

A puzzle book

A newspaper

If you would like to volunteer to pack boxes or to drive, please fill in this form 

Let the peace of God dwell in your hearts and minds, your bodies and your spirits.

With my prayers,


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