Faith and mental health

Published by Rev'd Tif Ewins on Tue, 30 Apr 2019 13:09

Christ is risen - Hallelujah!

We are The Easter People, and this is our season! Blossom on the common's trees, ducklings on the pond and early morning sunshine all remind us that God is love and love wins! And still, we Easter People never lose sight of the Good Fridays of our lives. We acknowledge the reality of the dark nights of the soul where sometimes our illnesses and fears seem overwhelming. 

So this May we are going to take a look at mental health and faith at St Michael's. Specifically we will look at loneliness, how to talk about mental health as people of faith, mental health and younger people, and some all-age strategies to help us with anxieties in our Sunday services.

At St Michael's our values include 'responding to need' and 'offering what is in our hands'. We know that mental wellbeing is a huge need in our community. By opening up this series we are hoping to offer what we have in our hands; prayer, worship, a gospel of hope that includes everyone, some experts in our congregations, some with personal experience of mental illness and some people who just want to understand better. We are not looking to fix, but we are hoping to make space for living faith and the realities of mental health struggles to live alongside each other authentically. 

So come and join us this May. All are always welcome at St Michael's.

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